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Education and Care Provision Consultations (Observations, Meetings, Reviews etc).


  • Consults can be face to face or via any format, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google meets etc.

  • hold a full DBS Certificate. (Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate-Update Service UK, accessible via the DBS update service.

  • I am not a trained councillor or therapist. I use my professional experience and personal insight when consulting within Educational and Care establishments. All of my Consults are confidential and all records are held security protected. Please see my policies page for more information.

  • We will discuss any relevant information required, before the Consult begins.

  • Please let me know of preferred communication methods, how to address you and any sensory or other trigger issues you may have. If we are using video, please ensure you are well lit, and that background noise is kept to a minimum. 

  • I will do my best to use any preferred communication method you prefer. I have experience of several different Alternative and Augmentative Communication methods and are happy to use them.

  • We will arrange an initial discussion, so I can listen to you, discuss your thoughts, needs and then decide upon how we can progress. 

  • A plan of action/timetable will be agreed, costs discussed, (I normally invoice after each session), and we will begin. 

  • I am happy to work (and often do), alongside other involved professionals and individuals.

  • At each point of our contact, you can get in touch at anytime and I'll respond as soon as I'm able. We will continually review progress, and can meet regularly. ​ 


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