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Consultancy and Mentorship

Supporting Neurodivergent individuals, (Autistic, ADHD, PDA etc). Please feel free to explore the links to find out further about what I offer in these areas. I'm more than happy to discuss further your specific requirements. 


My communication, Interaction and Sensory Requirements

Being Neurodivergent I have specific communication and interaction requirements that will differ on a daily basis. Before any interaction I may ask questions to ascertain these requirements at that moment in time. I may on occasions, especially if contact is face to face, be accessing my sensory/stimming toolkit. I may also ask for reasonable adjustments regarding environmental issues. ( Such as bright lights, clutter etc).

If you have any specific sensory/communication requirements, please do let me know, as a Neurodivergent individual I  will do my utmost best to accodominate you. Thank you. 

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