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Born from countless phone calls and conversations with individuals, families and professionals over several years, and a desire to help, to bridging the gap that causes anxiety, misunderstanding and trauma for so many. 

The aim of this CIC, is there in the title, "Bridging the Gap" the gap between neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals, in all areas, home, education, everywhere and across all ages. 

Its this gap, that often leads to misunderstandings, misconceptions, stress and anxiety for all concerned. Outdated ideas are reinforced, individuals feel as if they are not understood, everyone get stressed and in many cases finances are not used effectively. The different neural viewpoints can be so difficult to understand, without the right bridge.


I know that Mind the Gap-Bridging the Neurodivide can be that bridge. As a neurodiverse individual, an educator and communicator with a proven track record, I can reduce all of those negative and complex areas mentioned above.

Watch this space for updates and projects!

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