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Introduction to Autism, Part 1: What is Autism? | Reframing Autism

Introduction to Autism, Part 2: Next steps after a childhood diagnosis | Reframing Autism

Introduction to Autism, Part 3: A respectful approach to therapy | Reframing Autism

Introduction to Autism, Part 4: The Autism spectrum is not linear | Reframing Autism

Introduction to Autism, Part 5: Neurodiversity (What is it and why do we care?) | Reframing Autism

What Is Autism? » NeuroClastic

Books/articles/resources – Aucademy

Communication (

What is Autism? — Autism Understanding Scotland

20 Key Things to Know About Autism » NeuroClastic

Understanding Autism through the Actually Autistic Lens: Resource List » NeuroClastic

Home | Autisticality

Autism and Neurodiversity | | Australia

YouTube/Podcasts etc

What *is* autism?: "autism" versus Autistic theories: Tanya Adkin & Aucademy's Chloe 07.08.2021 - YouTube   


 Aucademy bitesize: Autistic basics: What is "autism" & what is Autistic experience?                                                                                                                                                               Aucademy bitesize: Autistic basics: The Autistic spectrum, really


 Aucademy bitesize: Autistic basics: Functioning language, subtyping, & myths  



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