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BAPS Awards Winner 2022

I'm extremely honoured to have been the winner for Championing SEND at the BAPS Awards in April 2023

For more information on these awards click here: My Family Our Needs


Safer PDA

I was part of the secretariat team supporting this. resource. Created by PDA adults, professionals and carers of PDA people, with the support of PDA Society. The aim of this guidance is to help PDA people find safe and appropriate support.


My name is Tigger Pritchard, awesomely Neurodivergent and passionate about reducing anxiety for all. To help all Neurotypes understand each other, to bridge that Neurodivide. To reframe the understanding of the Neurodivergent mind and to reduce misunderstanding and unconscious bias towards my Neurokin. (For accessibility enhancements, please use the AllAccessable widget) 

Neurodivergent individual + Environment = Outcome

“Autism plus the environment equals the outcome. That outcome might be positive or negative, but the person who is autistic remains the same, it is the environment that leads to the outcome”. (What is the environment?)

“So, if you want a successful outcome, and you recognise the Autistic individual cannot change their brain, then the only thing you can change is the environment”.   Dr Luke Beardon 2017

I can help you change the environment = positive outcome

So, what is the environment? It's a combination of many different areas, these include, not fully understanding the differences of Neurodivergent individuals, sensory, communication, social and cultural. Unconscious bias, continuation of the medical model of care, outdated training and the perpetuation of myths. 

From my base here in the Southwest of England, I offer support to individuals who are Neurodivergent (Autistic, Pathological Demand Avoidance/PDA, ADHD), and their families to help them all upon their journey. 


I also offer training and consultancy to corporate organisations, educational settings, workplaces and social organisations. (Enhanced DBS Checked).


A regular conference keynote speaker and presenter both nationally and globally, for more information see my Training and Talks page

Extremely active upon social media you will often find me posting information, appearing on Podcasts, live events and YouTube.

I'm also a Regional Makaton Tutor with over thirty-two years' experience. To find out more please click the Makaton Tutor box.

I've posted links to images and resources upon this site which I hope you may find useful. for more information on each page, please "click" on the relevant rectangular boxes and/or underlined words. If I have omitted any information relating to the original source, please do contact me so I can amend this. 


Communication, Interaction and Sensory Requirements

Being Neurodivergent I have specific communication and interaction requirements that will differ on a daily basis. Before any interaction I may ask questions to ascertain these requirements at that moment in time. I may on occasions, especially if contact is face to face, be accessing my sensory/stimming toolkit. I may also ask for reasonable adjustments regarding environmental issues. (Such as bright lights, clutter etc).

If you have any specific sensory or communication requirements, please do let me know. Thank you. 

I offer reduced fees for Parent/Carer Groups, CIC's and charitable organisations.  Please contact me for further information.

For more resources and information please view my website via a computer browser.  Thank you.

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